[Honeywall] Questions about the statistic data in Walleye

Xu nanxuan mybayern1974 at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 9 09:11:22 EST 2007

I've some question on these data:
1. After 24 hours of running roo, why is the time span in the up-right corner of the interface much less than 24? (this number of my latest experiment is 13)? 
And why is the time displayed the walleye not synchronous to the real world time?
2. In the front page of the interface, I can see records like:
Top 10 honeypots
Host         Conns     IDSs 
X.X.X.X    nConn      nIDS
Which range does the "nConn" and "nIDS" belong to? In the past 24 hours? Or in some other ranges?
3. This question may be similar to the 1st question. I can see from the interface that there are X connections involving A.B.C.D in the date of "Nov Dth". I'm suspicious to the "X" data. Is it the real number of the whole day (I mean the 24 hours) of "Nov Dth"? After all, the time displayed in Walleye is not the same as that in the real world, including both time point and time periods.
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