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David Watson david at honeynet.org.uk
Thu Jun 21 05:44:03 EDT 2007

Arthur Clune wrote:
> On 21 Jun 2007, at 09:57, David Watson wrote:
>> How about setting out the current plan for Honeywall development now
>> that v1.2 has gone public
> David has just beat me to it. Another thing it would be good to know is
> what you think might need doing to move to CentOS. That might be a good
> thing for people to get involved in?

One question to resolve should probably be 'does the honeywall
need to be a full platform or can it just be a bundle of related
applications you drop on a platform of your choice'. This seems to come
up often enough to merit some consideration.

Probably jumping the gun slightly here, but IMHO a general strengths and
weaknesses review of all our current honeynet technology would be
worthwhile, to ensure that we are working on the most important
challenges and delivering what most needs doing, rather than just
ploughing on with a previous path.



David Watson
UK Honeynet Project
david at honeynet.org.uk

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