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Stefan Kelm stefan.kelm at secorvo.de
Wed Jun 27 03:58:36 EDT 2007

> Use Cases - Are they all covered?  Are we trying to cover too many?
> OS - OS ver, init handling, packaging, updating, building,  etc.
> Data Control - Snort-Inline, IPTables config etc.
> Data Capture - Hflow, Sebek, Argus, TCPDump, Snort
> Data Analysis - Walleye, others?
> Build Process
> Let me know if this sounds like a good place to start and if so,
> what else needs to be listed above or removed form above before we
> start.  If this does make sense, kets all agree on the list above
> before we dig in...

Well done, Earl!

Two minor questions:

 - what's the difference between the "build process"
   and "OS ... building"?
 - do we need a separate topic on "general roo config"?



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