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Arthur Clune arthur at honeynet.org.uk
Thu Jun 28 04:58:41 EDT 2007

On 28 Jun 2007, at 05:50, Earl wrote:

> OS related - init handling, packaging, updating, system health, etc.

And 'which OS?'. It looks to me that chasing the moving target that  
is Fedora creates a lot of work that doesn't add value to the cdrom  
itself. Moving to a more stable platform (CentOS is the obvious one)  
would be a one-off hit but would give us a more stable base to work  

The counter argument to this is the same as it always is for  
'enterprise linux' : if we get to a point where we need more recent  
libraries etc. than JoesEnterpriseLinux 1.0 provides, we have to move  
on anyway or make such extensive customisations that it negates the  

Just chucking the idea out. I know Earl has talked about this in the  
past as something to look out after 1.2.


Arthur Clune. UK Honeynet Project. arthur at honeynet.org.uk

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