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Arthur Clune arthur at honeynet.org.uk
Fri Jun 29 09:57:31 EDT 2007

On 28 Jun 2007, at 21:00, Earl wrote:

> The folding of the Fedora Legacy prject pretty much broke tha
> camells back as far as using FC as our OS since the lifespan is now
> limited to what, 1 year max?

Yup. They are going for 6 month releases and only issuing updates for
the current and previous release. Given that Fedora Legacy never really
took off, that's probably the only sensible decision for them.

The new Fedora install tools (pungi and the live cd creator) look like
they'd be useful for us, but hopefully they'll get ported to rhas/centos
at some point.


> That being said, I did a package availability test a while back
> that yielded about 12-18 packages that are in roo but not available
> from the CentOS5 branch *at the time*.  I seem to recall them
> stating that they are working on stuff that is tipically found in
> what used to be called FC extras etc. which is where the  missing
> packages come from but have not checked back since then (TODO++).

Doesn't look too bad. 18 packages, some of which are Honeynet  
packages anyway:

vm3:iso-master/RPMS/honeywall 144: cat /etc/redhat-release
CentOS release 5 (Final)

vm3:iso-master/RPMS/honeywall 144: python ~/test.py|grep 'Not in'

argus-clients: CDROM needs 2.0.6.fixes.1-12.fc6. Not in yum
argus: CDROM needs 2.0.6.fixes.1-12.fc6. Not in yum
hflowd: CDROM needs 1.0-41. Not in yum
libstdc++: CDROM needs 4.1.1-51.fc6. Not in yum
oinkmaster: CDROM needs 2.0-0. Not in yum
pcap_api: CDROM needs 1.0.1-10. Not in yum
perl-GDGraph: CDROM needs 1.4308-1.fc6. Not in yum
perl-GDTextUtil: CDROM needs 0.86-8.fc6. Not in yum
perl-HTML-CalendarMonthSimple: CDROM needs 1.25-1. Not in yum
perl-Net-Snort-Parser: CDROM needs 1.36-hw.1. Not in yum
roo-base: CDROM needs 6-17.hw. Not in yum
rrdtool-perl: CDROM needs 1.2.19-2.fc6. Not in yum
sebekd: CDROM needs 3.0.3-5. Not in yum
snort: CDROM needs Not in yum
snortrules-snapshot-CURRENT-hw.1.noarch.rpm: CDROM needs . Not in yum
tcpdstat-uw: CDROM needs 1.0-2. Not in yum
tripwire: CDROM needs Not in yum
walleye: CDROM needs 1.1-50. Not in yum

This would be a good project for anyone who wants to get involved in
cdrom development....


Arthur Clune UK Honeynet Project arthur at honeynet.org.uk

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