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On Fri, 29 Jun 2007 09:57:31 -0400 Arthur Clune
<arthur at honeynet.org.uk> wrote:
>The new Fedora install tools (pungi and the live cd creator) look
>like they'd be useful for us, but hopefully they'll get ported to
>rhas/centos at some point.

I played with punji a while back but it wasnt that flexible at the
time... more targeted at making updated standard OS ISOs.  There is
work being done right now to make it capable of building custom
ISO's with things we need like adding a ks.cfg etc.  Unfortunately
I dont think they have much interest in back porting.  It's all py
so maybe we can get some people with py skills to look into it some

>Doesn't look too bad. 18 packages, some of which are Honeynet
>packages anyway:

holy cow... I pulled that number out of deep grey matter and hit it
on the money ;P

>hflowd: CDROM needs 1.0-41. Not in yum
>pcap_api: CDROM needs 1.0.1-10. Not in yum
>sebekd: CDROM needs 3.0.3-5. Not in yum
>walleye: CDROM needs 1.1-50. Not in yum
Maintained by the Honeynet Project

>oinkmaster: CDROM needs 2.0-0. Not in yum
>perl-Net-Snort-Parser: CDROM needs 1.36-hw.1. Not in yum
>snort: CDROM needs Not in yum
>tcpdstat-uw: CDROM needs 1.0-2. Not in yum
I have Makefiles/SPECs to roll these from source

>roo-base: CDROM needs 6-17.hw. Not in yum
This is mine... the roo "duct tape" RPM

>perl-GDGraph: CDROM needs 1.4308-1.fc6. Not in yum
>perl-GDTextUtil: CDROM needs 0.86-8.fc6. Not in yum
>perl-HTML-CalendarMonthSimple: CDROM needs 1.25-1. Not in yum
There have always been a handfull of perl modules not available in
the repos.  cpan2rpm handles these assuming your build system has
all of the necessary deps and can be easily automated so no problem

The VRT rules...  only changes on major ISO releases
Makefile + SPEC in place to roll for "source"

Which leaves....

>tripwire: CDROM needs Not in yum
I hear this is not being maintained as well as it likely should be
these days. Can anyone confirm?
If true, I believe we should maybe move to AIDE?
Arthur, mind seeing if AIDE is available in CentOS5?
Other Suggestions?

>argus-clients: CDROM needs 2.0.6.fixes.1-12.fc6. Not in yum
>argus: CDROM needs 2.0.6.fixes.1-12.fc6. Not in yum
>libstdc++: CDROM needs 4.1.1-51.fc6. Not in yum
>rrdtool-perl: CDROM needs 1.2.19-2.fc6. Not in yum
We've built argus in the past...  total pita but do-able
Im surprised libstdc++ isn't there...
rrdtool-perl is just perl so shouldnt be bad.

This isn't so bad after all.  Very do-able.

>This would be a good project for anyone who wants to get involved
>in cdrom development....

Right...  once we finally get around to opening the public readonly
SVN I'll show everyone how the current build environment works so
if anyone wants to chip in we can make it happen...  Pretty fun
stuff to work on if your in to it ;P

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