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Sorry I missed this one...
Build process:  The backend process that creates custom RPMs and
rolls up the ISO

OS building: Hmmm, not sure what I was thinking there ;P <delete>

We probably need a few more topics...  General config is good.

Tell you what, Authur opened up one of the more fundamental
questions of which OS should we move forward with so lets work that
knowing that anyone is free to bring up any other
design/bug/concern topics they want to.  I'm affraid my initial
thoughts of trying to lead us through an overly structured logn
drawn out design discussion of each independent section might hold
back ideas...


On Wed, 27 Jun 2007 03:58:36 -0400 Stefan Kelm
<stefan.kelm at secorvo.de> wrote:
>> Use Cases - Are they all covered?  Are we trying to cover too
>> OS - OS ver, init handling, packaging, updating, building,  etc.
>> Data Control - Snort-Inline, IPTables config etc.
>> Data Capture - Hflow, Sebek, Argus, TCPDump, Snort
>> Data Analysis - Walleye, others?
>> Build Process
>> Let me know if this sounds like a good place to start and if so,
>> what else needs to be listed above or removed form above before
>> start.  If this does make sense, kets all agree on the list
>> before we dig in...
>Well done, Earl!
>Two minor questions:
> - what's the difference between the "build process"
>   and "OS ... building"?
> - do we need a separate topic on "general roo config"?
>	Stefan.
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