[Honeywall] Fwd: help needed in configuration of honeywall

Peter Lovell plovell at mac.com
Thu Jul 3 14:24:54 EDT 2008

On Thu, Jul 3, 2008, Jamie Riden <jamie.riden at gmail.com> wrote:

>Subject: help needed in configuration of honeywall
>hello everyone, i decided to build and develop of hight interaction
>honeypot as my graduation project, but I've  faced some problem
>I've installed the honeywall CD and when the configuration process,
>when it asked my for management interface IP address i entered the
>following ip:
>and the following network mask for the management interface is
>default getway for management interface ip address) is
>and the DNS domain for management interface is localhost.
>the question is how can i access this management interface either
>locally or remotely and how can i access the walleye web interface to
>see the attacks report
>please help me in these problems
>if there are any illustration with image will be more helpful
>thanks in advance

Start a web browser and specify the address

For login, use account "roo" and password "honey". If I remember
correctly, it forces you to change to a stronger password right away.
This password is NOT the same as that for the "roo" account on the machine.

Hopefully I've understood your question correctly, and this is the
answer you need. If not, please ask again with any additional details
you think are appropriate.


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