Re(2): [Honeywall] Fwd: help needed in configuration of honeywall

Peter Lovell plovell at
Thu Jul 3 14:57:06 EDT 2008

On Thu, Jul 3, 2008, Matthew Tatalovic <matthew.tatalovic at> wrote:

>I am using VMware and have Ubuntu image running along side Honeywall and in
>that I set the Ubuntu IP to  <>and run a
>firefox browser to run the browser but it says it cannot
>find the page.  When I ping it I get a destination unreachable.
>Ubuntu is on eth0 and has the same network mask as the management interface.
>Where my Honeywall setup is:
>Eth0 bridged
>Eth1 Host-only
>Eth2 bridged
>And have pretty much followed,
>A quick diagram of the ethernet cards OS computers and IPs would definately
>be useful combining, honeywall, an attacker and 3 honey pot setup.
>Thank you,

Are you trying to do this all entirely within one box or do you have a
local mini-router (Linksys, Belkin, D-link etc) ?  I'm not a VMware
expert but I don't think that your setup will work that way. Maybe it
would with host-only -- I have not tried that.

What should work is to have a mini-router serve the network
and connect your machine to it. This will then do the routing between
the Ubuntu host and the VMware interface.

You might well ask why Ubuntu doesn't do that and I believe it's because
the VMware interface appears very low in the network stack. This is
deliberate, as otherwise the two would collide. So you need something
outside the box to handle the routing.

Let us know how that works.


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