[Honeywall] honeywall password lost

Xiaobo Ma xbma at sei.xjtu.edu.cn
Sat Jul 5 08:14:24 EDT 2008

Hi, all
  Both of roo and root password of honeywall were lost recently. Several ways were tried but failed:
  1. single mode
     failed because of the following prompt: root password for maintanance (or type control-d to continue) 
  2. bash
     grub was edited as follows:
     kernel /boot/***** root=/dev/hda2 ro init=/bin/bash
     and a root shell was sucessfully retrieved.
     /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow could be edited,
     but there was no "passwd"  command for changing passwords.

    I would be very appreciated if any help can be given. Thx


Xiaobo Ma 
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