[Honeywall] Asking for help

=?gb2312?q?=BF=C6=BD=F8=20=CA=E6?= aaronup9999 at yahoo.com.cn
Thu Jul 10 23:09:20 EDT 2008

Dear manager:
         I am a student and I am learning about honeynet,particularly,google hack honeypot.However,when I tried to download the GHH honeypots,I failed.I tried many times to download the GHH honeypots files,but failed in the end .So I think the file seeds do not exist.
         As I can't contact with the Google Hack Honeypot Group,I hope you can give me a hand and tell the GHH group the problem.
         I really admire what you have done and more about what you will do .

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