[Honeywall] suggestions for roo

mark mw011f9252 at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Jul 28 12:49:51 EDT 2008

hello folks im newby so bear with me 

im not sure if this is already built into roo as im trying to install it as we speak. But what would i would like is to have a drop down list of packet dropping and possibly aggressive ip blocking of repeat offenders on auto and to have both of these on reject record drop ect.  block coutries with walleye ike china africa russia and other places yes ovcourse we want to gather info but the world is a big place  but how about file encryption also a set of rpms for the remote pc the hardens it just like roo as i do not want to connect to the net with the said machine or somthing like a ids on the remote nic on the we side would be nice im unsure of the security walleye has and if it needs any of the above but that my two cents 8 )or a whole new packeage built specialy for the remote machine for us newbs who have no iea how to harden systems like you pros 
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