[Honeywall] SEBEK SERVER & TRIPWIRE Configuration - PLEASEHELP!!!!!!!!!!!

Jefferson, Shawn Shawn.Jefferson at bcferries.com
Mon Jul 28 16:08:58 EDT 2008

Hi Dan,


I've never setup tripwire on Honeywall, so I can't help you there.


As for the other question, you definitely want outbound communication on
for your honeypots.  If you go through the interview setup it secures
the Honeywall pretty well (IMO), the only thing additional I did on my
system was add some entries to the fencelist (since I had some
production systems I don't want the Honeypot to touch at all.)


It might be a better idea to post your Honeywall config to the list, so
that others who have more experience with Honeywall can take a look at
it.  /etc/Honeywall.conf is the name of the file, but you may have to
rebuild it (I had to, since I've made many changes since I originally
went through the interview setup).  You can rebuild that file by going
to Honeywall Administration->Manage configuration subsystem->Create
/etc/honeywall.conf from /hw/conf files in the menu program.


Hopefully I didn't steer you too wrong here. :-)  





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Hi Shawn and ALL,  PLEASE HELP!!!!
1. I followed the instruction
to configure tripwire as advised but  got stuck on item 5 on the
instruction.   Please send line by line command to configure the
tripwire especially from item 5 -( "We have created the following
scripts for you ........") My command line is not hacking it.
2.  My honeypot is now able to access the internet  after i unticked the
"restrict honeywall outbound communisation"   I am not confident about
the overall configuration and I will appreciate if someone can send a
sample configuration of a working honeywall roo (plus honeypot(s) ).
Thanks eveyone for your support and patience.


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