[Honeywall] #44: Windows sebek client does not integrate with Walleye

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Fri Jun 13 05:13:29 EDT 2008

#44: Windows sebek client does not integrate with Walleye
  Reporter:  bjou     |       Owner:  rob at honeynet.org
      Type:  defect   |      Status:  new             
  Priority:  major    |   Milestone:  roo-1.4         
 Component:  Walleye  |     Version:  1.4b3           
Resolution:           |    Keywords:                  
Comment (by bjou):

 Just an idea: May it be, that in the newest sebek version (released for
 linux) something (e.g. data-format) changed somehow, so that it perfectly
 integrates with walleye but that these changes have not yet been reflected
 in sbk_extract for piping its output to sbk_ks_log.pl?
 That would explain, why the output of the windows sebek version (which
 seems to be older) can be perfectly viewed using sbk_extract and
 sbk_ks_log.pl, but not using walleye...

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