[Honeywall] Problem with roo 1.4 bridge configuration

Jesus Calvillo hergott at gmail.com
Wed Oct 29 15:20:13 EDT 2008

I'm at college and need to set up a honeynet. I'm using the Honeywall
CD Roo 1.4. I installed the bootable cd, I set the netmask, the
honeypot's ips... The problem might be a bit dumb but I have little
knowledge of networks. Well, the problem is that I have my net with
the honeypots connected to a hub and this hub connected to the bridge
(the honeywall), the bridge is connected to the gateway; if I connect
the hub directly to the gateway, the honeypots have internet access
and can be seen by external ips; but, if I connect the hub to the
gateway through the bridge, the honeypots lose the internet access and
can't be reached from outside. I think a diagram would look like this:

                                                        - honeypot
gateway ------- bridge-------hub---- |
                                                        - honeypot

If I put the bridge aside, the honeypots have internet access, if I
don't, the honeypots have no connection.

Also, when I use the menu, if I access "Honeywall Configuration"  then
"Mode and Ip
Information" and then try to change the bridge's interfaces, the
system dont recognize the interfaces, for instance, I can't put eth0
nor eth1 even though they are there when you access the status menu.
Eth0 and eth1 are there by default but I'm not pretty sure if they are
working or if I have to configure them outside the menu.

I hope you can help me, I just don't know what else to do.

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