[Honeywall] Uploading Sebek packets into data base

mohd abbas m.abbas14270 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 29 07:11:33 EDT 2009

Please, if any one knows how to solve this problem, help us:

When i try under roo-1.4.HW:

# sebekd.pl -i eth1 -p 1101 -U roo -W honey -D hflow -P 3306 -S localhost

it's mostly did not upload any Sebek packets to data base, and rarely

i do not know what the problem exactly despite:

 # sbk_extract -i eth1 -p 1101 | sbk_ks_log.pl

printed all of the Sebek packets on the terminal.

Any body knows? please help me & thanks in advice.

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