[Honeywall] Performance issues

Drew Hunt hunt.drew at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 22:46:10 EST 2009

Bridged interfaces are notoriusly slow. Consider three interfaces: eth0 as nat, eth1 as private network, and eth3 as bridged to your host NIC. As most of the traffic is now managed in vmwares nets in memory, it should be much faster instead of burdoning the bridge interface with all the redundant traffic.

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i've recently installed Honeywall 1.4 (20090425114542.iso) as a virtual guest under VirtualBox and VMware.
On both systems I have serious peroformance issues.
My whole network is so slow, the Honeywall guest produces around 400kB/s upstream and I have no idea why.
I only installed the iso and configured the three NIC as bridged.

Any help would be appreciated,
Sarah ;)

p.s. excuse my bad english

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