[Honeywall] Interface problems in Honeywall

Juan Kinunt kinunt at gmail.com
Sat Dec 19 11:57:47 EST 2009

I know is it a topic deeply discussed but there exist a lot of different 
virtualization tecnologies, architectures and operative systems.
I need help configuring the interfaces of the honeywall, a honeypot, 
host and VMWare Server.
My case is that I'm in a corporate network where we are interested in 
installing a honeynet. The corporate network has the IP range
I would like to connect the honeywall, it's management interface and a 
honeypot to the corporate network. The honeywall and the honeypot are 
virtualized inside a VMWare Server.
Which networks and of which types should should I have configured in 
VMWare Server? How many interfaces should I have in the honeywall and of 
which types? Which type should have the interface of the honeypot? 
Should I configure manually any IP address or can I use DHCP 
automaticaly for the honeywall?
I have read a lot in Google and some conclusions are that honeywall 
should have 3 interfaces but I don't know the types. Somewhere says that 
interface to honeypot should be host-only and in other places bridge. 
The same for the management interface, ¿bridged or host-only?. In other 
places I find that the interface of the honeywall that connects to 
internet is bridge and in other places NAT.
Anyone can help me a bit with interfaces and types for my honeywall 

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