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#43: Time problem in Walleye
  Reporter:  bjou     |       Owner:  rob at honeynet.org     
      Type:  defect   |      Status:  new                  
  Priority:  minor    |   Milestone:  roo-1.4              
 Component:  Walleye  |     Version:  1.4b3                
Resolution:           |    Keywords:  time walleye timezone
Comment (by breusshe):

 I found out the issue.  The Perl code is using gmtime() instead of
 localtime() in its .pl files (such as walleye.pl).  Gmtime() converts time
 from epoch time to a time array that uses GMT as the timezone.
 Localtime() does the same thing, except it uses the system's configured
 timezone (details on how to change that are laid out in the Clock.txt that
 kwortman references above).  If you do the following it will fix most

 Edit two files:  /var/www/html/walleye/walleye.pl

 1.)  type:
 vi +%s/gmtime/localtime/g /var/www/html/walleye/walleye.pl
 *** If you see a warning about editing a read-only file, just hit enter,
 it's fine.

 2.)  Once vi opens up, type:
 ***(this saves the file and exits vi)

 3.)  Do steps 1 and 2 for sum_graph.pl

 There is one problem.  This does not fix the hourly summary table on the
 left side of the screen that bjou originally posted about.  I'm still
 trying to figure that part out.  I'll post again when I find the fix.

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