[Honeywall] #56: Snort v2.6 snort rules can't be downloaded

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Sat Dec 26 22:58:36 EST 2009

#56: Snort v2.6 snort rules can't be downloaded
 Reporter:  breusshe   |       Owner:  rob at honeynet.org
     Type:  defect     |      Status:  new             
 Priority:  major      |   Milestone:                  
Component:  Honeywall  |     Version:  1.4 Release     
 Keywords:  Snort 2.6  |  
 It appears that the Snort Project does not post the v2.6 Snort rules any
 longer.  This means that Honeywall is not updating its Snort rules.  The
 only version available per Snort's website is v2.8.

 I learned all of this when I realized that my Honeywall server had not
 updated Snort -- ever.  The server has been online since last October
 without a single Snort rules update.  Started digging around and then
 manually tried the code being used in '''hwruleupdate'''.  It failed.  I
 then put the URL from '''hwruleupdate''' into my web browser, got a page
 does not exist message.  I went to the Snort webpage and tried to manually
 download the Snort rules.  That was when I learned that the rules for v2.6
 are not available.

 It looks like Honeywall needs to be updated to Snort v2.8 before this
 rules issue can be fixed.

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