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I would do and check on the basis of your suggestion.
Thanks Chengyu for your help!
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Ö÷Ìâ: Re: [Honeywall] About the process tree and the related command

  Hi Gaozc,
 If you want to see the Sebek data on Walleye, the process and command information must be corelated to a network flow through socket. I'd also like a seperate page for Sebek data only, but unfortunately, there is no such page now. So I suggest you check the socket information and network flow information to find out why they are not corelated.

 2009/6/1 Gaozc <gzc5555 at foxmail.com>
     Dear all:
 I met a trouble when I use the walleye UI to analyze the data. The problem is that I cann't see the process tree and the related command occuring in the honeypot,but the database have data about these information (sys_socket,sys_read,process,process_tree and so on).
 The other function about thewalleyeUI is normal. I deploy the honeynet in the virtual way by the Vmware Workstation. The Host Computer is Windows 2003 ,Install the honeywall with roo-1.4 and the os of the honeypotis windows 2000 and 2003.
 Thankyou very much for any help on this problem!

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