[Honeywall] Can I run honeywall as a virtual machine on Windows?

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Wed Jun 24 01:22:50 EDT 2009


Please take a look at this and let me know if it helps:


2009/6/23 Devin A. Rychetnik <drychetnik at msn.com>

>  Hello All,
> I am just starting to set up my first honeynet and have a few questions.
> I'd like to run my honeynet virtually and if possible, use Windows as the
> host machine. I prefer to use Virtual PC or Hyper-V on the virtualization
> host since I have them available to me already and would have to pay for a
> new license if I have to use VMWare. So my questions to others is, can I run
> the honeywall (Roo 1.4) as a virtual machine on my host machine or does it
> have to be the host machine itself in order to work? Also, if I can run it
> as a virtual machine, does anyone know whether it will work with either
> Virtual PC or Hyper-V?
> I just tried to create a Virtual PC machine using the iso here (
> https://projects.honeynet.org/honeywall/attachment/wiki/WikiStart/roo-1.4.hw-20090425114542.iso)
> but it stalls just after the screen that shows the Honeywall project logo
> and while it is loading the devices. The only error I can see is
> "powernow-k8: BIOS error - no PSB or ACPI _PSS objects". Anyone know what
> the problem could be?
> -Devin
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