[Honeywall] Walleye problems

luismiguel.torres at unavarra.es luismiguel.torres at unavarra.es
Thu Jun 25 03:59:45 EDT 2009


during the last few months I've been using Honeywall in order to study the
behavior of some bots. I've never experienced any problem but some days
ago, Walleye stopped working. I can get to the login screen but, when I
introduce a correct user/password, the Walleye interface won't load.
According with hwdaemons, everything is running but for monit and swatch.
I've tried restarting hflow and mysql but it didn't solve the problem.

The funny thing is that, yesterday, I decided to re-install the whole
thing and, after a clean installation, everything went back to normal but,
this morning I can't get to Walleye again.

Any ideas of what is going on?


Luis Miguel Torres

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