[Honeywall] Recommeded Host OS for Roo1.4

Brett Ussher breusshe at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 22 12:13:20 CDT 2012

If you are installing into a VM, then the host OS isn't an issue.  I've 
installed Roo on Linux and Windows hosts on both VirtualBox and VMWare 
without an issue.  I'm not sure what you mean by your host does not pick 
up the complete package, but I'm assuming you mean you can't update the 
Roo operating system (which is CentOS 5).  This is because CentOS turns 
off updating by default.  You need to activate it before you can update 
the CentOS.

If I've assumed incorrectly, please clarify.

Brett D. Ussher

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> [Honeywall] Recommeded Host OS for Roo1.4
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