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kapil Madan punjabi078 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 26 01:04:33 CDT 2012

I m working on vmware on which i have installed roo1.4 and honeypot as windows xp.My attacker is   BT 4 .and I  m able to nmap the windows xp through BT and doing os fingerprinting .
Remote machine is configured using NAT on eth2.  eth0 is configured bridge only to backtrack 4. eth1 is hostonly from roo to window xp 
I have two problems
1) using nmap it shows the some port are open .When i make some connection using nc -vvn (ipof honeypot) -p portno
It gives error "inverse host lookup failed :Unknown Server error Connection timed out
No ports to connect to".
2) Unable to remotely login through walleye to roo1.4
My Remote machine is ubuntu 11.04 .when i open my ubuntu browser and write
it will not open the page .
Anyone pls suggest the solution
Thanks and Regards 

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